A Vision to Disrupt the Global Pink Salt Market!

A Vision to Disrupt the Global Pink Salt Market!


When visiting his family in Spain, Aown Sahi noticed a huge disconnect in the market. Despite being Pakistan the only country in the world that produces natural pink salt, it had virtually no presence in the market. In this $12 billion industry, Pakistan’s exports constituted a mere $860 million. Instead of dwelling on what was wrong, Aown decided to take on the challenge himself & launched his own Pakistani pink salt brand Sahi & Sons.

What started as a retail brand in Pakistan has evolved into a B2B brand supplying premium quality Himalayan pink salt across the Middle East and Europe.The journey of Sahi & Sons was not short of challenges: COVID-19, in particular, forced this passion project to go into hibernation mode due to travel restrictions and consequent inflation.

By joining NIC Faisalabad, Aown is ready to bring Sahi & Sons back to life again. Even though he has a family and educational background in business and has extensively traveled, Aown still feels NICF’s working environment and mentorship are unparalleled by even multinational corporations. “I believe NIC Faisalabad is going to be a life-changing experience”, Aown asserted.

With the help of NICF, Sahi & Sons plans to reach out to markets across North and South America. In 5 years, Aown aims to touch 7 million customers with Sahi & Sons pink salt. He firmly believes in evolving his business as it grows. If there’s one thing, he does not plan on letting go of- it is the Pakistani flag on Sahi & Son’s packaging.