Fabrico – A Step Towards SMART Quality Inspection!

Fabrico – A Step Towards SMART Quality Inspection!

The advent of Artificial Intelligence has created a paradigm shift in the course of life and has accelerated innovation across the globe. Pakistan, despite being a hub for manufacturers has yet to fully embrace its potential. Many textile manufacturers in the country still rely on conventional, manual inspection methods that are prone to error and can be incredibly time-consuming. Realizing a major gap in the industry, Hashim Barraq, with a working experience of 12 years at a software company, startups, and global accounting firms initiated his entrepreneurship journey with Fabrico.

Fabrico aims to integrate computer vision technology into existing manufacturing systems to automate defect detection in fabrics using Intel’s powerful technologies. This will help efficiently inspect defects in fabrics, providing an optimum balance between high performance and accuracy.

To get the best possible start for Fabrico, Hashim decided to launch the startup from the National Incubation Centre Faisalabad, as it is the only incubator exclusively focusing on Agri-Tech and Textile-Tech startups in Pakistan. His determination to build something of his own is what keeps him motivated, “I don’t want to miss any opportunity”,” he asserted.

At NICF, the start-up is undergoing intensive training with a continuous opportunity to pitch its idea to potential customers and investors. It seems that his decision of launching his startup in Faisalabad, being the hub of textile sector is already paying off. Fabrico has received a lot of positive feedback and appreciation from industry stakeholders so far and is currently in the process of building a prototype.

If successful, Fabrico has the potential to minimize cost and increase the production quality of the textile industry in Pakistan, hence expanding the scope for global competition. Not to mention, the company has already started to explore its implications in other verticals. It is an exciting time for Fabrico and the textile industry as a whole, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds.