Greekian: Redefining Style in Greek Life

Greekian: Redefining Style in Greek Life

In the United States, Sororities and Fraternities are popular university clubs that help students develop leadership skills and bridge the gap between academia and the professional world. Figures such as Lyndon B. Johnson and Woodrow Wilson have recognized their significance throughout history. This leads us to Greekian!

Greekian is a Pakistani online clothing store that specifically targets the sorority and fraternity market in the United States. It has created a niche for itself with exceptional merchandise offerings. But how did this fast-fashion company come to be?

In 2021, a sorority member approached Shahzaib Tariq through social media, the founder of Greekian, to place a small order for customized uniforms for their student body. Shahzaib, already involved in the apparel business, catered to two clubs initially and gradually expanded to capture more chapters.

Shahzaib realized the potential market segment in these communities that craved customized and trendy items to stand out. Greekian set out to create an e-commerce platform that not only catered to their fashion needs but also reflected their unique identities.

With a deep understanding of sorority and fraternity culture, Greekian meticulously designs a wide range of trendy accessories, from fashionable shoes and bags to stylish clothes and jewellery, exuding individuality and a desire to make a statement.

Of course, like any other startup, Greekian went through the teething issues of finding the right manufacturer, sourcing high-quality fabric, and building a strong team. “It was the prime time when the advertisement to apply at NIC Faisalabad caught my eye,Shahzaib mentioned. Recognizing the potential benefits, he decided to join NICF, which has altered the trajectory of Greekian. The center is providing Shahzaib with a wealth of resources, guidance, and mentorship. From honing product development strategies to crafting effective marketing plans, he is receiving invaluable support that is helping elevate his brand to new heights. By networking with entrepreneurs, he has gained extensive insights and learned from their experiences.

Greekian has solidified its position as a trendsetter in US colleges and universities, delivering quality merchandise, staying ahead of fashion trends, and understanding the needs of the sororities and fraternity market.

For aspiring entrepreneurs, Shahzaib voices “Everything is a learning in a business and nothing can be treated as a failure.”