Innovate-Itt – ‘It’ with a double T: Emphasizing innovation in every product!

Innovate-Itt – ‘It’ with a double T: Emphasizing innovation in every product!

Have you ever wondered about the gadgets you used as a child and how they were made?

Meet Mohsin Farid, the founder of Innovate-Itt, who converted this curiosity into a successful company that designs and manufactures innovative hardware devices right here in Pakistan. Before kicking off his venture, he spent 8 years in various industries where he refined his skills from electronic, mechanical, and software designing to fabrication, and assembly.

In the initial phase of his startup journey, Mohsin faced numerous challenges, including the lack of equipment required to design his products, which he had to import from China, leading to increased costs. Another major challenge was the unavailability of raw materials and resources for setting up a laboratory. To tackle these issues, he partnered with a resource in China who took care of tasks like metal 3-D printing, which was crucial for his business.

Mohsin’s determination to upscale his business led him to explore NICs from the start, when he found that a similar setup was established in his city Faisalabad, he took no time to seize the opportunity. Through the mentorship at NIC Faisalabad, he not only reshaped his business model but also developed a diverse team with expertise in different roles, saving him time and enabling him to focus on bigger-picture aspects of his business. NICF also facilitated Mohsin for the biggest tech expo in Pakistan, ITCN Asia and Engineering Asia International Exhibition where in addition to expanding his network, the tech venture secured major clients.

The expertise of the team Innovate-Itt has allowed them to create complete products, which has been the key to the company’s success. Power-Itt is a recent innovation by Innovate-itt, which has already grasped a huge space in the market. This WIFI-router mini-UPS ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity, even when your house UPS battery runs out of charge. With Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) reporting 125 million broadband subscribers in the country, Power-Itt has a vast potential user base in every household equipped with a broadband connection. In other words, wherever there is a broadband connection, there is a potential user of Power-Itt.

Mohsin is a visionary entrepreneur with a mission to bring “Made in Pakistan” consumer electronic products to every household in the country and beyond. With a sharp focus on innovation, his company, Innovate-Itt, is committed to delivering cutting-edge products that meet the evolving needs of consumers.

For Mohsin, success is not just about making money. Instead, he believes that hard work and skill development are the keys to achieving one’s goals. His message for the youth is to focus on learning and growing their skills, as success is a by-product of these efforts.

According to the founder, a successful entrepreneur must have diverse skills and knowledge to manage different aspects of their business. He emphasizes the importance of being a “jack of all trades,” rather than a “master of one.” By developing a broad range of skills, entrepreneurs can adapt to new challenges and opportunities, and drive their businesses forward.