Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – A sustainable future starts with us!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – A sustainable future starts with us!



“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

This quote rings true for Mehwish Azeem and Muhammad Rauf, the co-founders of Reuse.pk, which recently celebrated its first anniversary with a reflection on its year-long journey to establish a sustainable brand dedicated to reducing textile waste. Mehwish, with her background in the textile industry, was acutely aware of the amount of fabric that was being wasted. Rauf’s family roots in the business coupled with his expertise in selling on Amazon, made them comprehend the need for eco-friendly products. Looking at the gap in the market, the duo searched for a viable product made from textile waste that could be sold in the US market but soon realized it was not an easy task.

Despite the difficulties they encountered, including opposition and rejection in validating their idea locally, they persevered and found success in their first product – organic cotton wipes. The wipes were a hit on Amazon, which promotes eco-friendly recycled products. However, the journey of establishing a recycling brand was not without its challenges. Shipping costs were high for small enterprises like Reuse.pk, and the co-founders were struggling to find proper guidelines and sources for initiating their business.

That is when Reuse.pk was incubated by National Incubation Centre Faisalabad (NICF) which opened new doors for the startup. NICF helped the co-founders understand the full potential of their idea and encouraged them to explore new products and expand their product line. The startup then moved toward the waste fabric to make other commodities. Today, they offer a variety of eco-friendly products for different age groups, including jumpsuits, grocery bags, and more.

Reuse.pk aims to make Pakistan known for sustainability by transforming its waste into eco-friendly and sustainable products that can be sold across Europe. Through resilience, Mehwish and Rauf are determined to make their vision a reality, and with the help of NICF, they are well on their way to establishing Reuse.pk as a successful brand.