Healthy Plants, Happy Harvests: Eplant’s Agritech Revolution!

Healthy Plants, Happy Harvests: Eplant’s Agritech Revolution!


Just like humans, plants too have vitals. To grow a plant effectively, you have to regulate the Agri vitals properly,” says Mohsin, an entrepreneur, innovator, and founder of Inventornest Pvt Ltd, a product design and development company that has successfully designed many products for startups across the globe. A year ago, a close friend of Mohsin, who owned farmlands, approached him seeking a solution that could monitor the farms and automate the irrigation system wirelessly because each year, their farmers lose billions of rupees in the form of reduced production and resource waste due to the lack of controlled monitoring and irrigation of farms. Renowned for his expertise in consumer electronic devices, Mohsin saw an opportunity to bridge this gap and revolutionize agriculture. And so, Eplant was developed.

Eplant isn’t just another device; it is a game-changer in the world of farming. It serves as a personal assistant for plants, a tireless guardian that constantly monitors their well-being. Providing timely care instructions and, perhaps most importantly, alerting farmers to potential problems before they can escalate. The device’s capabilities are nothing short of astonishing. It meticulously records seven key parameters: pH levels, soil moisture, soil salinity, temperature, organic matter, nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium. This wealth of information is readily accessible through a user-friendly mobile app, putting the power of data into the hands of farmers. Imagine a device that watches over crops 24/7, ensuring they thrive with the utmost care. That is Eplant’s promise, and it is one that Mohsin and his team are determined to fulfil.

The impact of Eplant extends far beyond individual farms. It addresses a pressing need in agriculture – sustainability. With its aid, farmers could now reduce excessive water and fertilizer use, resulting in significant cost savings and a reduced environmental footprint. Moreover, its insights into each soil’s specific needs help minimize soil degradation, a critical concern for the long-term health of agriculture.

To make the product commercially viable and establish his company, Mohsin got on board with NIC Faisalabad. “There are strategic mentors who guide us on ways to model and market products specifically for agriculture. We also get to connect with research scientists and agri-business experts, who help in refining our business model,” Mohsin insists.

Eplant has democratized access to valuable real-time metrics, benefiting both scientists and farmers. It offers insights into nutrient levels, soil conditions, and more. With it, farmers can make informed decisions that enhance both the quality and quantity of their produce while simultaneously conserving precious resources. Mohsin’s journey with Eplant serves as a shining example of how innovation, entrepreneurship, and strategic partnerships can transform an entire industry.