Revolutionizing Livestock: AG IVF’s Odyssey Towards Genetic Excellence

Revolutionizing Livestock: AG IVF’s Odyssey Towards Genetic Excellence


Pakistan’s livestock sector is a linchpin of its economy, accounting for approximately 60.5% of agriculture value added and 11.2% of GDP. However, the nation grapples with inefficiencies that threaten its self-sufficiency. In 2021, Pakistan imported 2,078 U.S. cattle to meet domestic demands, thereby straining resources and imposing economic burdens. To alleviate the national economy and increase the productivity of the livestock and dairy sector, AG IVF is providing in vitro fertilization services to produce superior-quality cows in Pakistan.

The inception of this idea germinated when Dr. Qaisar Shahzad, while pursuing his Ph.D. in Animal Reproduction at Guangxi University in China, discerned an urgent imperative for livestock enhancement within his own country. Equipped with cutting-edge IVF technology, he returned to Pakistan to establish the nation’s pioneering company offering cost-effective cow genetic improvement services to dairy farms.

AG IVF assembled a formidable team, comprising M. Waqas, a specialist in IVF technology, Hadia Awan, a skilled embryologist, and Wagiha Fatima, a financial expert. Their collective aspiration centred on genetically propelling animals to their optimal versions, envisaging future progeny on par with elite producers.

However, building trust and understanding among farm owners unfamiliar with advanced IVF methods remained a hurdle. The response involved a focused effort to enhance their culture medium, alleviating concerns and expediting the adoption of cutting-edge techniques.

Alongside, NICF has played a significant role in AG IVF’s journey, facilitating equipment procurement and meticulously assessing the feasibility of its products and services. Dr. Qaisar eloquently shared, “In our case, we lacked the expertise to evaluate the feasibility of our concept and account for depreciation costs. NICF and its esteemed mentors enlightened us on the intricacies of transforming an idea into a profitable enterprise.”

Today, AG IVF stands on the brink of transformative success. With over 200 pre-orders secured and on the cusp of securing their first investment, the path to a full-fledged lab is imminewnt. This groundbreaking technology possesses the potential to save USD 96.6 million spent on the import of cattle and bolster exports, thereby making a substantial contribution to Pakistan’s GDP.