Smart Advice Anywhere, Anytime with Mashvra!

Smart Advice Anywhere, Anytime with Mashvra!

you have a burning question, a problem that needs solving, or you simply need expert guidance for reinforcement. In the past, this might have involved tedious searches, multiple platforms, and often high costs. However, with Mashvra, all those difficulties vanish, making your life a whole lot easier.

Malik M. Imran and Hasib Yasir’s brainchild, Mashvra, offers a one-stop-shop for consultations that spans a vast range of topics. Whether you’re seeking legal advice, spiritual enlightenment, financial wizardry, or assistance with your brand’s strategy, Mashvra has you covered. What sets this platform apart is its commitment to making expert advice accessible without breaking the bank. For example, if someone needs legal guidance, Mashvra connects them with a lawyer whose fees align with their budget.

Now, consider being in a remote village in Pakistan, needing urgent medical advice. Traditionally, obtaining such guidance would entail a long and challenging journey to locate a qualified medical professional. However, Mashvra’s app changes the game – all you need is a smartphone and an internet connection. It delivers expert advice directly to your doorstep, serving as a lifeline for people in underserved areas.

The benefits don’t stop there. Imran and Hasib have infused Mashvra with versatility and accessibility. They offer not one, not two, but five communication modes. Want a face-to-face chat? Go for a video call. Looking for quick and easy advice? Opt for a voice call. Need a more structured discussion? Book an online appointment, and if you need in-person guidance, consultants can even come to your location. It’s like having a genie on your smartphone!

Mashvra isn’t just about helping users, it’s also a game-changer for consultants. Think about it, setting up a brick-and-mortar clinic or office can be costly, but with Mashvra, consultants can offer their expertise without the hefty overhead. It’s a win-win situation. Users get the help they need, and consultants reach a broader audience while optimizing their costs.

Along the challenging path of the startup journey, the co-founders, Imran and Hasib, faced ups and downs. One of their primary hurdles was onboarding professional consultants onto their platform. To address this, they leveraged their 25 years of experience in channel development, implemented strategic teamwork, and utilized their industry knowledge to attract consultants.

Building trust among users was another significant challenge. To overcome this, they focused on building strategies to improve ratings and reviews on their platform, ensuring users had confidence in the quality of service they would receive. Staying up-to-date with the latest technology trends was crucial to keeping the platform engaging and user-friendly.

The National Incubation Center, Faisalabad played a pivotal role in navigating through these challenges. Through incubation, they turned Mashvra from a great idea into a thriving reality. It provided valuable guidance in refining their business model fostering engagement and providing expert consultancy.
So, now, if you’re seeking advice or want to share your expertise, download the Mashvra App!