Upskilling women with Shemote!

Upskilling women with Shemote!

Adila Shoukat, Founder of Shemote connects the dots of her entrepreneurial journey at NIC Faisalabad, uncovering her roller-coaster ride from remote work to starting her business.

In 2011, when Adila started her career as a software engineer, she never could have imagined that a move to Faisalabad for her family would lead to the creation of her own business but that’s exactly what happened. For years she wanted to start a company that would empower women like herself, but the risk of investing her savings had held her back.

She began by assisting an unskilled graduate in finding employment and this small act of kindness eventually provided her the courage to finally take the plunge.

This marked the launch of Shemote!

This new venture is envisioned to provide skill training and job placements for 20.3 million graduate women in Pakistan who are unemployed due to the lack of the right skills and guidance. Shemote helps unskilled women gain access to online learning resources to upgrade their skills and also helps them in securing jobs.

Shemote has managed to stand out from its competitors due to the authenticity of its trainers and the focus on financial security for its clients. While emphasising the importance of skill development Adila added, “Investing in learning is necessary for earning.”

As an incubatee at National Incubation Center, Faisalabad, the startup is taking advantage of the center’s extensive tech mentor network and coaching. In the coming years, Shemote aims to become a leading platform for unlocking better financial opportunities and leading to the economic empowerment of female professionals.