24 November 2023

Advisory Forum Meetup

Advisory Forum Meetup

We had our first Advisory Forum Meeting at NICF to discuss the development of a robust startup ecosystem in Faisalabad, emphasizing industry collaboration and support.

Discussions revolved around the pivotal role of the industry in supporting startups, with strategies outlined to engage Faisalabad’s industrialists in mentoring NICF startups and exploring industry-backed seed funding. The meetup also charted NICF’s path forward in supporting the entrepreneurial landscape. Our deliberations culminated with the finalization of the charter, laying the groundwork for strategic initiatives.

We are excited about collaborating with our Advisory Forum Members, including Murtaza Zaidi, Managing Partner at NICF, Sayyed Ahmad Masud, Managing Partner at NICF, Zeeshan Shahid, Project Director at NICF, Javed Iqbal, CEO of Sitara Group of Industries, Dr. Khurram Tariq, CEO of Kay & Emms and President of FCCI, Adham Sheikh, CEO at Bismillah Textile. Resham Shahzad, Director at Arshad Group, Naveed Gulzar, Executive Director at Crescent Textile Mills, Abdullah Qadri, Director at Sitara Labels, and Muzammal, CEO at Sultan Trading. Together, they have pledged their support to cultivate a sustainable startup ecosystem in Faisalabad.

A special thanks to Mr. Sarfaraz Ahmed Rehman, CEO, and MD at FFC, M. Bilal Abbasi, GM at Ignite and the dignitaries from FFC for joining us and sharing your invaluable support.

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