24 August 2023

Data Science & AI Seminar by atomcamp

Data Science and AI: The Science of the Future

In collaboration with atomcamp, we hosted a riveting seminar on ‘Data Science and AI: The Science of the Future.’

A lineup of esteemed speakers, including industry leaders such as Adham Sheikh, Director of Bismillah Textiles, Dr. Naveed Iftikhar, Co-founder of atomcamp, Dr. Gufran Khan, CEO of Visibility Bots, Usman Afzal, CEO of DijitalBrains, Fizza Amjad, COO of AtomCamp, Amir Zahoor, Co-founder of EpTeck, Dr. M. Usama, Assistant Professor at FAST, and Sara Khan, Senior Officer – Export Section at Interloop shared invaluable insights on integrating Data Science and AI into businesses.

Covering a spectrum of cutting-edge topics, the seminar explored the pivotal roles Data Science and AI play in diverse industries. These discussions extended from unveiling freelancing opportunities and career prospects to the profound impact of these technologies on the textile industry.

This event provided a transformative learning experience, empowering participants with knowledge at the intersection of technology and textiles, ready to shape the future of their businesses.

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