06 June 2023

Educating Industrialists

We recently had the pleasure of hosting the team from Sarmayacar Ventures, led by Rabeel Warraich, Founder & CEO, along with Aman Nasir, Partner, and Osama Riaz, Investment Associate. Their visit was filled with excitement as they witnessed the incredible pitches of our founders and interacted with some of the top industrialists of Faisalabad.

This was followed by an exciting dinner of industrialists at the Naturals Farms event, organized by Dr. Khurram Tariq, President of FCCI, and Waseem Afzal, Chairman of Naturals Farms. The gathering included leading entrepreneurs from the city, igniting a fresh wave of innovation and progress. Faisalabad, Pakistan’s third-largest city and a thriving hub for entrepreneurs holds immense untapped potential. At NIC Faisalabad, we see this as a golden opportunity to catalyze a startup revolution within Pakistan.

As the country’s first Agritech and Textiletech incubator, we are dedicated to creating an enabling ecosystem for startups by fostering investment from local industrialists and emphasizing the importance of venture funds.

Last night’s event was a testament to our commitment as our team made a lasting impact by highlighting the significance and necessity of local industrialists coming together to put Faisalabad on the map. With numerous investment prospects available in the startup realm, our local industry possesses tremendous potential to transform the economy.

The event was a resounding success, effectively persuading top business leaders to invest in the startup ecosystem and embrace innovative approaches to business. Together, we strive to make Pakistan a leading economy around the globe.

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