29 August 2023

NICF x She Loves Tech 2023

NICF x She Loves Tech 2023

In our pursuit of supporting innovation and women entrepreneurs, we hosted the She Loves Tech 2023 Local Round. This competition served as an arena for visionary women entrepreneurs, each presenting their disruptive ideas, illuminating the landscape of entrepreneurship with their brilliance.

Esteemed judges, including Farhan Tufail, CEO of Invictus Solutions Pvt Ltd, Sobia Aqeel, CEO of SAAF Internationals, and Verda Yousuf, Head of Institute at TMUC, contributed their expertise to the evaluation process, demonstrating their commitment to empowering female-led innovation.

The best part? NICF startup Salam Kids TV emerged as the competition’s winner and has now advanced to the national round of She Loves Tech 2023. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavours!

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