27 June 2024

Our startup Spurt International Collaborates with RBWRP to Promote Hydroponic Farming in Balochistan


We’re excited to share that our startup, Spurt International, was invited by the EU-funded Revival of Balochistan Water Resource Program (RBWRP) TA to discuss their hydroponics project and explore potential collaboration avenues.

Their team had productive meetings with the Ambassador of the EU, the EU Head of Cooperation, the FAO Balochistan team, and the TA and International Water Management Institute (IWMI) teams to discuss high-efficiency water systems and the potential for hydroponics farming in Quetta. This initiative is part of their MoU with PUM Netherlands and UAF.

We are incredibly proud of our founders, M. Mohsin Malik and Muslim Malik, and look forward to more of their initiatives in sustainable agriculture!

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