19 April 2023

Revenue & Pricing Session by Fouad Bajwa

“Your revenue model should reflect your customer’s willingness to pay.”

We were pleased to host Fouad Bajwa, CEO and Co-founder – Agriculture Republic to share his wealth of experience on “Revenue and Pricing” for startups at the NIC Faisalabad.

Fouad’s insights on revenue modelling and pricing strategies for startups were nothing short of amazing. He shared practical tips on how to create a sustainable revenue model that is both scalable and profitable. He also emphasized the importance of understanding customers’ willingness to pay and how to set prices that are attractive to them, while still ensuring that the business remains profitable.

But that’s not all! Fouad also talked about the common pricing mistakes that many startups make, and how to avoid them. He emphasized the importance of A/B testing and constantly iterating the pricing strategy based on customer feedback and market conditions.

The session was highly engaging, and the Q&A session was lively, with participants asking Fouad all sorts of questions on revenue and pricing for startups. It was truly an invaluable experience for all the founders.

So, if you’re looking to take your startup to the next level, keep an eye out for our upcoming events and sessions. We’re committed to providing startups with the tools, resources, and support they need to succeed as an entrepreneur!

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