03 March 2023

Roadmap Development Session by Fasieh Mehta

Roadmap Development Session by Fasieh Mehta

A roadmap is crucial for any startup as it helps to set clear goals, identify potential challenges, and develop strategies for success.

We had the privilege of hosting the expert, Fasieh Mehta, Senior Manager of Business Operations at Quixel for an interesting session on “Roadmap Development” for founders at NIC Faisalabad.

During the session, Fasieh shared valuable insights on how to create an effective roadmap for a startup. Startups face unique challenges, and having a roadmap is crucial to navigating the uncertainties of entrepreneurship. He also evaluated the journey of startups so far and helped them perfect their pitch by providing constructive feedback.

Thank you, Fasieh, for sharing your expertise with us and helping our startup community chart a course to success.

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