13 June 2023

Sustainable Agribusiness Practices

“Social responsibility is not just a choice, but a survival strategy for businesses in the modern world.”

As consumers increasingly prioritize socially responsible companies, the importance of sustainable practices becomes paramount. NIC Faisalabad, realizing this shift, proactively fosters a business environment that aligns profitability with environmental responsibility. We welcomed Shahrukh Khan, National Coordinator at Helvetas, to share his invaluable insights into integrating sustainability into agribusiness practices.

In a world where consumer awareness drives purchasing decisions, companies that fail to embrace sustainable practices will struggle to survive in the future. Guided by Shahrukh’s expertise, our startups are equipped to build businesses that not only meet consumer expectations but also contribute to a better world.

We thank Shahrukh for taking the time to share his insights with the founders. Check out the session highlights here!

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