Startup Directory

DigiAgent AI

DigiAgent AI is leveraging AI agents to automate tasks seamlessly, from scheduling to customer inquiries, across industries like finance and healthcare. It optimizes workflows and enhances productivity, offering scalable solutions for businesses seeking operational efficiency

Diagnostic Strips

Diagnostic Strips develops antibiotic residue detection strips for animal-derived foods, detecting harmful antibiotic residues to ensure safer consumption and promote food safety standards in Pakistan.

Tax Nerd Pakistan

Tax Nerd offers simplified tax solutions for individuals and businesses in Pakistan. They provide easy-to-use bookkeeping software and a convenient WhatsApp service for tax return filing and business registrations. They aim to minimize tax costs and maximize savings, making the taxation process hassle-free for everyone.

BioPicta Pvt. Ltd.

BioPicta is empowering users to create high-end scientific diagrams, research posters, and graphical abstracts. Their extensive library of customizable elements and on-demand design services is reshaping research visualization effortlessly.

Nutrilicious Baby Cereals

Nutrilicious Baby Cereals is a locally sourced, gluten-free weaning solution designed for infants. The product offers balanced nutrition at affordable prices, addressing critical nutritional deficiencies among children.


Zaray-e-Baramdaad connects small-scale Pakistani farmers directly to international markets, ensuring fair compensation. They provide financial literacy and alternative financing to promote farmer independence. Their service streamlines agriculture, fostering sustainability and global market success for farmers.


Yumkins offers convenient, nutritious ready-to-cook food products, addressing malnutrition through B2B and D2C channels. Their products are free from preservatives, artificial colors, and flavors, ensuring safe and wholesome nutrition for babies.

Ezone Dropshipping

Ezone Dropshipping is an online wholesale marketplace linking vendors, B2B importers, and sellers with a vast product range and virtual inventory. With automated dropshipping and seamless integration, it offers a streamlined solution for wholesale trading and B2B networking.


DryNest is creating sweat-proof undershirts utilizing advanced moisture-wicking technology for sustained comfort and assurance. Crafted for comfort and style, DryNest redefines wearable comfort, offering a solution to sweat concerns.

Clearlife Technologies

Clearlife Technologies has developed a portable, cost-effective water purification plant that efficiently removes contaminants, making water safe for reuse. Its portability offers flexibility, providing an eco-friendly and affordable way to combat water scarcity.

Soybean Innovations

Soybean Innovations is transforming soybean cultivation in Pakistan by introducing a high-yielding, heat-resistant variety. Leveraging advanced AI and molecular biology, this variety promises adaptability to various environments and shorter growth cycles. By reducing soybean imports and establishing soybeans as a major crop, the venture aims to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability in Pakistan.

AU Solutions

AU Solutions is introducing the Water Saving AU TAP, a practical solution designed to conserve water by employing a mechanical mechanism that controls water flow only when required. With a focus on simplicity and efficiency, our product aims to improve traditional tap systems by reducing water wastage during daily use.