A key determinant of the unprecedented success of accelerator-incubators like Y Combinator, Founder Institute, 500Startups and TechStars is that they realize, based on the Lean Startup Model (LSM), that successful companies must pass through some sequenced steps of learning: Idea formulation (problem-solution fit, size of market, barriers to entry), Company formulation (team and advisors, legal and IPR), Product Development, Business Development (PR, Events, marketing, sales, branding), and Funding and Bootstrapping (how to accomplish a lot with a shoestring budget, how to prepare pitch decks, how to pitch to investors, prepare for due diligence, negotiate shareholder agreements, report in Board meetings.) In a structured program, each week focuses on and drills down into the details of a particular topic until the incubatees understand and internalize the concepts and can


Accelaration Phase 1


Generalized Capacity Building Track

Incubatees would be provided with a world class, rigorous, structured, “learn-by-doing,” curriculum, by Founder Institute covering areas like: Orientation Vision Customer Development Revenue Stream Branding & Design Mentor Idea Review Legal & IP rights/ Protection Go-to-Market & Scale Product Development Mentor Progress Review Hiring & Onboarding Growth Equity & Funding Graduation Leading entrepreneurs and subject matter experts of the country would mentor them. They would form working groups with other startups to get feedback on their business models and assignments and would get one-to-one coaching from experienced business coaches to help them with challenges specific to their startup journey


General (Core) Workshops:

These workshops will be offered to all founders to help them improve their general understanding & strengthen their weak areas:

  • Design Thinking
  • Revenue and Pricing Models
  • Brand Workshop
  • Business Model
  • Perfect Pitch
  • Social Media and Digital Marketing
  • Developing and Prototype/ MVP
  • Advanced Business Model
  • Selling Superstars
  • Scaling & Growth Workshop
  • Investor Readiness Workshop
  • Pitch Practice Sessions


Specialized Capacity Building Track

Need-based Workshops Many founders struggle with different aspects, some have problems with managing finance, others (nontech) struggle with technology etc. To address these needs special workshops will be arranged and delivered throughout the initial 4-month incubation period. Domain-specific Workshops Specialized workshops will be held with domain experts for agritech and textile tech startups according to their needs.